Transmission Rubber Belts

ARB Transmission Belts are manufactured from evenly laid plies of closely woven hard/soft cotton duck impregnated with special rubber compound. The plies of fabric are pre-stretched and vulcanized under high pressure to provide strength and flexibility.
ARB High Speed, Steel Belt are made from hard duck confirming to BIS : 1370. The Square edges of ARB Transmission Belts are treated with special quoting to prevent ingress of moisture and to resist edge wear. ARB Transmission Belts are also available in Round / Folded Edges.
Construction Features: Width - 25mm to 1200mm, Length - 100mtr Roll length, Fabric - Hard cotton duck/soft cotton duck/synthetic fabrics, plies - 2 plies to 10 plies, Type of edges - Cut edges and round/folded edges, Colour - Grey, Camel, Yellow, Black and other colours as per customer requirements.
Transmission Rubber Belt is best to be used on Pulleys in industries and agriculture for the transmission of power. These belts can be applied on heavy drives for trouble-free operation and resistance to shock loads. These modern belts have different advantages when used in assorted industries such as:

  • Textile machines with hundreds of spindles on one frame being driven by a single endless flat belt are but one example.
  • High speed woodworking machinery lathes and grinders all need and use the performance and efficiency of flat belt drives.
  • Large Compressors and Fans can run without the need for multiple belt drives, often with smaller pulleys and shorter centres.