General Purpose Conveyor Belts

General purpose conveyor belts specifically designed to withstand higher wear. The general purpose range of belts encompass three specific grades i.e. M-24, N-17 and SAR. The SAR belt is specially recommended for use in Port Handling facilities and Iron Ore Mines. The abrasion tests of the cover are conducted in line with the provisions of DIN 53516. Special wear resistant covers with much lower loss due to abrasion can be formulated by ARB on demand.

Width upto 3000mm
Length upto 300 Mtrs. Max. Dia 10 Feet
Ends Open or Endless
Edges Cut or Moulded / Locked
Fabric Reinforcement 2 to 10 PLY in Polyester/Nylon (EP) Nylon/Nylon (NN), Cotton Nylon
Carcass Construction Straight Ply/Stepped Ply Reverse Stepped Ply
Cover Thickness As per Customer Specification
Cover Grades M-24, N-17, HRT-1, HRT-2, HRT-3, UHR, SAR, OR, FR,FRHR, Hygienic, ARB Super, Blend Grades
Rough Top Profiles / Chevron Rough Top, V Cleat, U Cleat etc
Cover Grades AS PER: IS 1891 Pt I -V, DIN 22102:1991, ISO 340, Canadian Standard CAN/CSA/M-422/M87